Small Business Administration

Lifecycle Acquisition Support BPA

  • Pre-Award support includes identifying, reviewing, and validating requirements to determine whether they are adequate and meet the needs of SBA; conducting market research to identify sources, capability, capacity, pricing, terms and conditions, quality, and past performance considerations; full solicitation development, and FAR compliance support

  • Award support such as preparing contract files, final award docs, and supporting documentation for the Source Selection Authority, Contract Review Board, and Contracting Officer

  • Post-Award support activities include debriefing the offerors; maintaining contract files; monitoring, tracking, and reporting on the status of all tasks/deliverables; and preparing all types of post-award documentation, including contract management processes, contract deliverables matrices, cost-reduction plans, etc.

  • Program Management tasks such as process/procedure improvements and acquisition streamlining

  • Acquisition-related administrative support including proofing acquisition documentation and tracking acquisition milestones